CENS 2019 Committees

The CENS Board of Directors appreciates the dedication and commitment of the many volunteers who support our organization.  Through various committees, we are able to advance our interests, achieve our goals, and accomplish our mission of promoting and improving the success and growth of our member firms. 

The following committees and the volunteers who serve on them are listed below.  We thank each volunteer for their efforts.  Also serving as an important member of each committee is our Executive Director, Skit Ferguson.

If you are interested in joining a committee or have an issue, concern, or question for a particular committee, please contact the committee chair, the board representative, or Skit. 

Municipal Committee:
Board Contact:  Aaron Baille, CBCL
Committee Members:
Kevin Murphy, CBCL (Chair)
Greg O’Brien, WSP

Provincial Committee:
Board Contact:  Perry Mitchelmore, MECO
Committee Members:
Michael MacDonald, Harbourside Engineering (Chair)
Scott Moore, ONSA

Federal Committee:
Board Contact:  Andrew Thalheimer, Dillon Consulting
Committee Members:
Joseph Fakhri, Wood (Chair)
Chris Boudreau, Strum Consulting
Marcel Deveau, Stantec
James Mitchell, Stantec

Export Committee
Board Contact: 
Brian Donnelly, Stantec
Committee Members:
David Lea, CBCL (Chair)
Chris Oldham, Intertalk 

Energy Committee
Board Contact:  Cliff Johnston, SNC Lavalin
Committee Members:
Aubrey Palmeter, Eastpoint (Chair)
John Woods, Woods Engineering

Image Committee
Board Contact:  Phil Sullivan, Wood
Committee Members:
Phil Sullivan, Wood (Chair)
Cliff Johnston, SNL Lavalin
Brandon Lane, Smith + Andersen
Martin Savard, ACEC Canada

Scholarship Committee
Board Contact:  Skit Ferguson
Committee Members:
Ray Landry, SDMM (Chair)