About CENS

President’s Message:


 As someone who was born and lived in Nova Scotia my entire life, I’m honored to serve as President for this esteemed association, representing consulting engineering firms in my home province.  Since joining the board of directors in 2014, I’ve gained an appreciation for the importance of advocacy of our profession, and our continued consultation with our numerous industry stakeholders.

As has been the case previously, we have a strong participative board of directors with a diverse cross section of engineering practitioners which I believe has equitable representation of the practice areas of our member firms.  Additionally, we have a larger network of past board members and members-at-large who both participate and lead our committees, and assist with operation and administration of the association.  Without the support of this group of volunteers and continued guidance from our Executive Director, Skit Ferguson, our objectives could not be met.
As a member of the image committee, my personal focus this year will include updating and refreshing our website.  One objective is an online version of our member Directory, as well as links to individual company’s profile pages.  We hope that the online, full-colour version will bring value to our members.

Having spent my entire life in the greater Halifax area, I am extremely pleased and excited to see an elevated level of construction activity in the city, and new developments that will be in place for generations.  It impresses me to no end the amount of thought and planning required to conceive the projects currently underway, and I am proud that the members of this association play such a critical role in the responsible design and execution of these plans.

Since graduating from Dalhousie University in 2002, I have spent my entire career working in the consulting industry.  I practice in Materials Engineering, with a heavy emphasis on asphalt pavement design and quality assurance inspection programs.  I am also the business manager for our Nova Scotia operations and, as a result, I am extremely grateful for the opportunities and exposure to the variety of engineering projects that the consulting industry has brought me.  I currently reside in Hubley, NS with my wife Victoria and our three daughters.  I enjoy golfing, cycling, curling, and canoeing.  With a young family, I am also a chauffeur and spectator for gymnastics, dance classes, soccer games and swimming lessons.

I wish to thank the association for the opportunity to serve as President, and welcome any comments or queries from our membership.

Thank you,
Phil Sullivan, P.Eng
President, CENS



Our Mission & Vision

To promote and improve the success and growth of our members’ firms. 

   Meet our Board Members

   Phil Sullivan - President
   tel. (902) 480-5444    philip.sullivan@woodplc.com

   Andrew Thalheimer - Vice President
   tel. (902) 450-4000    athalheimer@dillon.ca

   Michael MacDonald - Past President
   tel. (902) 405-4655    mmacdonald@harboursideengineering.ca

   Skit Ferguson - Executive Director
   tel. (902) 461-1325    cens@eastlink.ca

   Troy Droesbeck - Treasurer
   tel. (902) 476-2533    troy.droesbeck@smithandanderson.com

   Nick Tobin - ACEC Representative
   tel. (902) 422-2000    nick.tobin@eastpoint.ca

   Michel Comeau - Director
   tel. (902) 429-5454    mcomeau@campbellcomeau.ns.ca

   Brian Donnelly - Director
   tel. (902) 468-0420    brian.donnelly@stantec.com

   John Lam - Director
   tel. (902) 453-5555    john.lam@exp.com  

   Perry Mitchelmore - Director
   tel. (902) 444-3131    perry.mitchelmore@MECOengineers.com

   Kevin Murphy - Director
   tel. (902) 421-7241    kevinm@cbcl.ca

   Greg O'Brien - Director
   tel. (902) 835-9955    greg.obrien@wspgroup.com

   Andrew Philopoulos - Director
   tel. (902) 468-1248    andrew.philopoulos@ghd.com

   Tony Ramia - Director
   tel. (902) 468-6486    tony.Ramia@englobecorp.com


A bit about our Executive Director - Skit Ferguson

For almost 25 years, Skit Ferguson has supported and guided the volunteer leadership of the Consulting Engineers of Nova Scotia. A native of Reserve Mines, Cape Breton, Skit’s hockey and baseball prowess caught the eye of a local priest who thought St. F.X. University needed a good addition to their hockey team. He also told Skit he should use his smarts for a career other than working in the coal mines. With his support and encouragement, Skit began his university career. He graduated from St.F.X. (BSc.) and N.S.T.E.C.H - Dal (B.Eng - Mechanical).

And thus began Skit’s career and passion for the engineering profession. During his career he was employed with a major oil company where he held several senior managment positions in Atlantic Canada.

He has seen CENS grow tremendously both in membership and programs. These include a strategic plan, a regularly published directory, the guideline for consulting engineering services, this website and a committee structure which addresses all issues and concerns with government and private sector stakeholders. Some of this growth can be attributed to Skit’s determined approach, support of his volunteer
leadership and his belief in giving back to the profession that was so good to him.

For more information about CENS, our members, how to hire an engineer or general questions about the profession of consulting engineering in Nova Scotia, contact Skit at (902) 461-1325 or cens@eastlink.ca.